sushi at motto

 Oh dear, I kinda forgot I had a blog. So, maybe I have a life besides the computer? Anyways, The following weeks I'll post some more because I haven't updated for (over) a month! In May I went to the sushi in a city nearby. The serving was horrible, the girl spilled food all over the blazer from my mom. She made it up to gave us some discount though.. The food was okay and the place nice. I just don't know if I'll come back.
The outfit is layered, because it got very chill in the evening. Just picture it in your mind without the wool cardigan, okay? Sorry for the pictures by the way. I can't pose seriously or "beautiful" when I'm with my family..


Camel & Lace

 How y'all doing? I haven't been able to take pictures because my skin is inflamed and I have the worst kind of eczema.. Thank god it doesn't look so extremely bad like all the pictures on google and I only have it in my elbows and knees. It's still ugly though..


Mr. Medicine, I need my vitamines

'Polaroid' outfitpost today! ;). All my series just had their finales so I have finally - or unfortunately - loads of time to do some other things. Oh and I almost have 100 followers, yay! Thanks everybody, have a nice day XO


Summer beach festival outfit

Well this is the perfect summer outfit, in my opinion. First you go to the beach or a swimming pool, just in your bikini with a XL towel and the cute brown leather booties. When you've taken a dive into the water just dry yourself and put on the sweater with the pleated miniskirt and the matching belt. Spice it up with the colorful necklace, 'timeless' designed watch and a lovely nailpolish and you're ready to party!

P.S. I changed the header and the background for a little bit more 'summermood'. Do you like it?


The grass is greener by the neighbours

Parka was needed! It was raining today. Went to do some shooting with my friend Emma. Read more for pictures without the coat..!


New in: hennes and mauritz

Well, well.. As a little schoolgirl I don't have a big budget so I've to go to H&M. Came home with some stuff.


Ready, set, ORANGE!

Multitasking, woohoo. Photo editing, blogging and commenting. I'm gonna head off to the city so I'm kinda busy. I had an amazing week. The last school day from the seniors, beach with friends, queensnight and queensday... It was very exhausting, but I definitely wouldn't miss it.


Little red wagon

Gave myself a simple manicure.. Oh, I love this color red. Not too bloody or a la vampire. Which color do you have on your nails right now?


See what you're bringing me boy is priceless

Alexis Jordan - Happiness ;) Okay, no outfitpost this time! Just showing you what I did yesterday in a quick post.. It was hella hot, so my best friend and I chilled at the beach with some friends and much food. What are you guys up to?


Don't forget to look in the mirror

Hi! How are you guys? It's getting hot here in Holland! Love the weather, but I already burned my cheeks.. About the outfit.. yeah, It didn't turn out the way I thought I looked like. The blazer is way too long for this jeans jacket!! Well, next time I'll look in the mirror and not just to my face.. ;) Byebye!


A window to the past

New necklace. Well, it's actually my sisters'. Do you like it?
Anyways, I want a personal robot who can take outfitposts from me, for you ;)


Happy b-day sweetie!

Today we surprised a good friend with a photoshoot for her birthday. We had so much fun and the pictures turned out quite well! I couldn't upload all the funny, good pictures because of the privacy. I hope you guys like some as well anyway.


I wonder how we sleep at night

Hi, sorry for no updates last week! I almost spent all days with my friends, so no time for blogging. I'm wearing floral shorts from Vietnam, a vest from Friday's Project, cardigan and belt from H&M. Summer, here we come!


oh, proenza schouler!

Hat $25, bralet $40, Proenza Schouler bag $1595, belt $19, brogues $178, shorts $24, tights $8.50, Diane von Furstenberg oversized cardigan $385

If I only had the money.. That bag is love!! This is definitely a 'Baoto' look.


I can't keep up with your turning tables

Hello! Quick outfitpost. I reached the 51 followers in 1 and a half month! I'm so proud and I wanted to thank you. Love. xo


Back in blogworld

Hi! Sorry for no updates last week! I needed some time to do my very best at school and everything. I'm quite happy now with the results. And... I know these clothes are boring. I just needed a new post. The cardigan is from H&M, shirt from Vero Moda, ribbed tube skirt from Forever21, faux leather leggings from New Look and flats from a random store in Barcelona.


Build me up, buttercup

I don't know what it is. I lost my inspiration, my grades are bad and the last couple days I'm feeling alone. I'm surrounded by friends and precious ones, but it still feels like something is missing. Like I lost a good friend or maybe missing some love..


The sweet smell of your skin lingers on me now

The blazer is from Urban Outfitters, t-shirt from XDYE (Barcelona), jeans from Forever21, bracelet from a random market, watch from a jeweler in Vietnam and shoeboots from Zara.


Why so lonely, my dear

First of all, thanks for the kind comment on my last post! I really appreciate it. I'll visit your blog too asap. By the way, what happenend in Japan is very sad, I'm praying for you!!


Hope, I just need a ray of that

Ruffle top Bershka, cardigan Urban Outfitters, jeansshorts Blue Exchange, suspenders H&M

Lately I'm addicted to the songs Born this way by Lady Gaga, Speak Now by Taylor Swift and I need a doctor by Dr. Dre ft. Eminem. I usually listen to alternative, indie and (folk)rock.. But hey, it's a nice change and it isn't that bad, right? 
Enough about music. Let's talk about the outfit. What do you think?


Give me some bright colors

old picture from 2008
Bright colors are back! (2008/2009) There's gonna more yellow in the stores than we can handle, but you'll also find some blue, hot pink and of course red. Do some color blocking and you're up to date! Here are some colorful items, you can add to your outfit and spice it up.


I got flowers in my system

I really love the fabric of this blazer! I´ve been busy last couple days. School is really important for me, especially at this moment. So I´ll have to do my very, very best to get through it. Here are some photos of my outfit from today. I hope you like it.


Paris, part 1

Here is part one of the photos. I took a lot of pictures (400!!) when I was there so I could share the beauty of the city of love. I hope you love it, tomorrow there is a part two! Oh and for the record, there were so many pictures with three different camera's, it's a bit 'pell-mell'. I didn't edit the photos, by the way.


Meet my friend Emma

Hi! I have my blog a month, isn't that nice. I just came back from Paris yesterday. We had loads of fun and the weather was nice and sunny. We did some sightseeing and shopping, unfortunately not for clothes... There was a long queue for the macarons from Laduree, but it was totally worth it!!  I'll upload pictures and do a post later. Today I had a 'photodate' ;) with my friend Emma. I was wearing a tailor made black blazer, grey vest from H&M, dark grey skinny jeans from Bershka and shoeboots from Zara. 


Paris, here I come!

photo by me
Hi! While you read this, I'm in Paris! Probably drinking some cappuccino or café crème and eating some delicious macaroons from Laduree. Omg, I'm soooo frickin' excited. It's not the first time or something, but I'm going with my whole family. I never had been on a 'complete family' trip before, just because we are with eight people. Yeah, big family right..



My best friend came to visit me and we had much fun. We cycled everywhere (We are Dutchies, you know) and took some pictures. Because my friend is always early and I always late.. I had to change my clothes really fast.


love love love

Just sitting next to each other, not saying a word. Strange feeling in my tummy. Butterflies? Your cute smile, the spontaneous ideas, interesting lifestories, sweet smell... It turns my world upside down.


Happy Valentines day!

Hi guys! I hope you have/had a nice Valentines day with loads of love from your friends, family and maybe your boyfriend.


When I wake up

Hi guys! Did you missed me yesterday? I don't think so. I just have a few followers.. not that I care so much about that, I mean, I'm blogging for myself. If you people wanna follow, that's great! But if you won't, I'm not gonna sit in a corner and cry. Or maybe I will. Okay, just kidding

But... I'm not saying that you don't have to follow me. If you do, you'll make me happy!

Okay, let's get back to the point. When I wake up and open my curtains, it's still black. Nowadays it's getting lighter. I'm a little fascinated by the sky, so I took a picture. It's a little bit ruined by my ugly fluorescent light reflection...

Listening to Plain White T's - Rhythm of Love right now. Summer, I miss you!!

Much love, 


Day at the beach

" I wanna have sex on the beach
Come on move your body
Sex on the beach
I wanna have sex on the beach
Come on there's a party
Sex on the beach "
The well known song by the Vengaboys! Two days ago it was sunny after a lot of stormy, rainy days.. Because of my school activities I had to go to a club (Waerdse Tempel) which is on a beach. My friend and I shot some photos on the staircase. 

LOL, for the record. I. Really. Can't. Pose. I'm no model or "photogenic" so I don't have any experience. I just always standing awkward or laughing... So now you know. 

Um, yeah. It was a simple outfit because we had to do so much physical stuff.
My mother made the pants by herself. It doesn't really comes to its rights on the photos but hey. It's sweet. Shoes are from Zara and the shirt with the cardigan are from random shops. 


I'm stuDYING...

Between studying and watching my favorite series in, my blog is the perfect distraction. I was tumbling (is that even a word?) and found some inspiring pictures.



Hello there. How are you? Day three and blogpost three already. Yay! I'm getting started.
This time I wanted to show you guys an impression of my style. It's simple and not too much. All the pictures are from random webshops like Zara, H&M, Asos.


The girl behind the camera

Let's go back to december, 1995. It was a cold, freezing-my-butt-off month. This little (5'1"!!) girl was born and the world was a little more beautiful than it already was...