Camel & Lace

 How y'all doing? I haven't been able to take pictures because my skin is inflamed and I have the worst kind of eczema.. Thank god it doesn't look so extremely bad like all the pictures on google and I only have it in my elbows and knees. It's still ugly though..


Mr. Medicine, I need my vitamines

'Polaroid' outfitpost today! ;). All my series just had their finales so I have finally - or unfortunately - loads of time to do some other things. Oh and I almost have 100 followers, yay! Thanks everybody, have a nice day XO


Summer beach festival outfit

Well this is the perfect summer outfit, in my opinion. First you go to the beach or a swimming pool, just in your bikini with a XL towel and the cute brown leather booties. When you've taken a dive into the water just dry yourself and put on the sweater with the pleated miniskirt and the matching belt. Spice it up with the colorful necklace, 'timeless' designed watch and a lovely nailpolish and you're ready to party!

P.S. I changed the header and the background for a little bit more 'summermood'. Do you like it?


The grass is greener by the neighbours

Parka was needed! It was raining today. Went to do some shooting with my friend Emma. Read more for pictures without the coat..!


New in: hennes and mauritz

Well, well.. As a little schoolgirl I don't have a big budget so I've to go to H&M. Came home with some stuff.


Ready, set, ORANGE!

Multitasking, woohoo. Photo editing, blogging and commenting. I'm gonna head off to the city so I'm kinda busy. I had an amazing week. The last school day from the seniors, beach with friends, queensnight and queensday... It was very exhausting, but I definitely wouldn't miss it.