oh, proenza schouler!

Hat $25, bralet $40, Proenza Schouler bag $1595, belt $19, brogues $178, shorts $24, tights $8.50, Diane von Furstenberg oversized cardigan $385

If I only had the money.. That bag is love!! This is definitely a 'Baoto' look.


I can't keep up with your turning tables

Hello! Quick outfitpost. I reached the 51 followers in 1 and a half month! I'm so proud and I wanted to thank you. Love. xo


Back in blogworld

Hi! Sorry for no updates last week! I needed some time to do my very best at school and everything. I'm quite happy now with the results. And... I know these clothes are boring. I just needed a new post. The cardigan is from H&M, shirt from Vero Moda, ribbed tube skirt from Forever21, faux leather leggings from New Look and flats from a random store in Barcelona.


Build me up, buttercup

I don't know what it is. I lost my inspiration, my grades are bad and the last couple days I'm feeling alone. I'm surrounded by friends and precious ones, but it still feels like something is missing. Like I lost a good friend or maybe missing some love..


The sweet smell of your skin lingers on me now

The blazer is from Urban Outfitters, t-shirt from XDYE (Barcelona), jeans from Forever21, bracelet from a random market, watch from a jeweler in Vietnam and shoeboots from Zara.


Why so lonely, my dear

First of all, thanks for the kind comment on my last post! I really appreciate it. I'll visit your blog too asap. By the way, what happenend in Japan is very sad, I'm praying for you!!


Hope, I just need a ray of that

Ruffle top Bershka, cardigan Urban Outfitters, jeansshorts Blue Exchange, suspenders H&M

Lately I'm addicted to the songs Born this way by Lady Gaga, Speak Now by Taylor Swift and I need a doctor by Dr. Dre ft. Eminem. I usually listen to alternative, indie and (folk)rock.. But hey, it's a nice change and it isn't that bad, right? 
Enough about music. Let's talk about the outfit. What do you think?


Give me some bright colors

old picture from 2008
Bright colors are back! (2008/2009) There's gonna more yellow in the stores than we can handle, but you'll also find some blue, hot pink and of course red. Do some color blocking and you're up to date! Here are some colorful items, you can add to your outfit and spice it up.


I got flowers in my system

I really love the fabric of this blazer! I´ve been busy last couple days. School is really important for me, especially at this moment. So I´ll have to do my very, very best to get through it. Here are some photos of my outfit from today. I hope you like it.


Paris, part 1

Here is part one of the photos. I took a lot of pictures (400!!) when I was there so I could share the beauty of the city of love. I hope you love it, tomorrow there is a part two! Oh and for the record, there were so many pictures with three different camera's, it's a bit 'pell-mell'. I didn't edit the photos, by the way.