Little red wagon

Gave myself a simple manicure.. Oh, I love this color red. Not too bloody or a la vampire. Which color do you have on your nails right now?


See what you're bringing me boy is priceless

Alexis Jordan - Happiness ;) Okay, no outfitpost this time! Just showing you what I did yesterday in a quick post.. It was hella hot, so my best friend and I chilled at the beach with some friends and much food. What are you guys up to?


Don't forget to look in the mirror

Hi! How are you guys? It's getting hot here in Holland! Love the weather, but I already burned my cheeks.. About the outfit.. yeah, It didn't turn out the way I thought I looked like. The blazer is way too long for this jeans jacket!! Well, next time I'll look in the mirror and not just to my face.. ;) Byebye!


A window to the past

New necklace. Well, it's actually my sisters'. Do you like it?
Anyways, I want a personal robot who can take outfitposts from me, for you ;)


Happy b-day sweetie!

Today we surprised a good friend with a photoshoot for her birthday. We had so much fun and the pictures turned out quite well! I couldn't upload all the funny, good pictures because of the privacy. I hope you guys like some as well anyway.


I wonder how we sleep at night

Hi, sorry for no updates last week! I almost spent all days with my friends, so no time for blogging. I'm wearing floral shorts from Vietnam, a vest from Friday's Project, cardigan and belt from H&M. Summer, here we come!