The girl behind the camera

Let's go back to december, 1995. It was a cold, freezing-my-butt-off month. This little (5'1"!!) girl was born and the world was a little more beautiful than it already was...

OK. Just kidding. I'm too lazy for a lifestory, so let's wrap it up a bit. I like fashion. A lot. Seriously, it's like my own personal brand of heroïne. But I like to eat too, it's in my culture. I'm a 100% asian, a Vietnamese, to be exactly. Taking pictures and painting my nails are a daily routine. Sometimes I succeed, most of the time I'm like this

...when I'm staring at my nails and it has marks of my bed sheets. But, I'm getting better and I'll show you asap some nail polish (swatches)! 

Hey, all I just wanted to say was that my mother language is Vietnamese / Dutch (Dietnamese/Vutch, perhaps??) and that I can't speak or type proper English.. You still love me right? 


Anyways. I hope you'll follow me so I can tell you more and more about myself. At the end of the world, in 2012, you may know me better than I know myself. How cool is that, huh?

K, I'm done now with my speech. 

Lots of love ♥

PS: pronounce it like, Baaaaa-Toooo, like in "oh" from "omg". Or whatever you like. Just don't pronounce it like Ba-o-to. That's ugly.
PPS: Is my lettertype annoying? I thought it was kinda cute and funny. But if you think it's effin' ugly, just say it. I'll change it to something normal like Arial or Tahoma. 

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