Day at the beach

" I wanna have sex on the beach
Come on move your body
Sex on the beach
I wanna have sex on the beach
Come on there's a party
Sex on the beach "
The well known song by the Vengaboys! Two days ago it was sunny after a lot of stormy, rainy days.. Because of my school activities I had to go to a club (Waerdse Tempel) which is on a beach. My friend and I shot some photos on the staircase. 

LOL, for the record. I. Really. Can't. Pose. I'm no model or "photogenic" so I don't have any experience. I just always standing awkward or laughing... So now you know. 

Um, yeah. It was a simple outfit because we had to do so much physical stuff.
My mother made the pants by herself. It doesn't really comes to its rights on the photos but hey. It's sweet. Shoes are from Zara and the shirt with the cardigan are from random shops. 


  1. Hey love! Thanks for your sweet comment! Now following your blog...By the way i love the harem =)

  2. Gorgeous! I love your outfit!

    VPV Intern

  3. Wat vet dat je moeder die broek zelf heeft gemaakt, ik vind m mooi hoor, leuk blog! X

  4. i really like this look! your boots are amazing, and i like the scarf a lot!


  5. J'aime beaucoup ton look tu es toute jolie!!
    Et tes photos sont très stylées!!




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