sushi at motto

 Oh dear, I kinda forgot I had a blog. So, maybe I have a life besides the computer? Anyways, The following weeks I'll post some more because I haven't updated for (over) a month! In May I went to the sushi in a city nearby. The serving was horrible, the girl spilled food all over the blazer from my mom. She made it up to gave us some discount though.. The food was okay and the place nice. I just don't know if I'll come back.
The outfit is layered, because it got very chill in the evening. Just picture it in your mind without the wool cardigan, okay? Sorry for the pictures by the way. I can't pose seriously or "beautiful" when I'm with my family..

White t-shirt, H&M
Boyfriend blazer, ?
Cardigan, Zara
High-waisted shorts, H&M Conscious
Belt, Mom's closet
Necklace, ?
Sneakers, Converse 


  1. Ik vind je shortje heel mooi! Zonde van de blazer van je moeder! Ik werk zelf ook in de bediening en het lijkt me zo erg als je een keer iets over iemand heen laat vallen.
    Anyway, welkom terug als blogger :)

  2. ohh no! im so sorry about your blazer! personally, i would have talked to the manager, but thats only because i can be a bitch sometimes :) and that's mainly because i believe in true customer service! anyway, happy to hear from you darling!! those shorts look awesome! and i love that its from the H&M Conscious line, too!

  3. omg supererg van die blazer, ik zou zot worden :D

    x Je suis Sophie

  4. ziet er erg gezellig en leuk uit!:)

  5. dang food all over the clothes? thats not good..:( i like the layered look~ :)


  6. nice pictures! and too bad about the food on your clothes! i think thats why for the longest time i only own dark clothing!

  7. Mmm sushi :) lovely pictures, love it that it's so dark in the pictures :)
    I hate it when I get food on my clothes :c

    ps: you can still join our giveaway

  8. Haha, I know how you feel - it's hard to keep up with a blog when you've got so much going on in real life!

    and thanks for your comment!



  9. I dont like it when I get food on my clothes :(

  10. Neat post!

    Neat blog... would you like to follow each other!

  11. love this post and also your blog. I follow you!
    pass to my blog and if it likes you, follow me back :D

  12. What did you do with your lay out? I likeeeee!
    Betekent dat ook nieuwe updates??

    x Emma

  13. nice blog and posts:)
    please visit me in free time:)


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